As beautiful of an experience as pregnancy is, it certainly has it’s uncomfortable, achey, painful times! As your body becomes the ultimate hostess to this new little being having someone there to help make those uncomfortable times comfortable (or even just bearable) can make all the difference! Guy, with his extensive knowledge and professional experience with prenatal massage, was able to be this magical someone for me! He was with me from the very beginning all the way to the end of my extra 35lb journey knowing what to do as each extra pound was added on and the view of my feet became a distant memory. He was there to help share the load and even allowed me to RELAX as he worked to relieve all the wonderful back, shoulder, foot and all over acheyness that comes with that beautiful journey of pregnancy. If you’re starting, or at any point through this journey I HIGHLY recommend having Guy along with you. I know I couldn’t have done it without him! ?❤️

Thanks a million!


Kelowna, BC

Guy is a dedicated Yoga Teacher and Trainer. His yoga teaching skills are strong and well-rounded based in the variety of studies he has completed across different yoga, meditation and healing art traditions. His yoga classes and trainings are informative and well-structured. Guy’s presentation style is welcoming and inclusive and he always presents with compassion, sensitivity and humour. It is a joy to be in Guy’s classes and trainings. I whole-heartedly recommend Guy for yoga classes and trainings.

Devinder Kaur,
Director of PranaShanti Yoga Centre, Ottawa, ON

Guy has a presence that is gentle and real. I’ve enjoyed his massages and his yoga classes because I can relax and let go in the safety his presence creates. For deeper work, all I needed to do is ask and he found way to my trigger points. Lastly, during pregnancy I felt completely understood, allowing me to surrender for a full hour.

Michele Schubert, Ottawa Ontario Owner of Beyond Gluten Free

Guy was my massage therapist for 11 years when he was practicing in Ottawa. I received many thai massages from him during that time. Guy’s gentle humour and healing spirit created the perfect atmosphere in which to relax completely and receive a blissful massage. He pulled my arms and back into stretches that were just a little further than I could go on my own, resulting in a better-than-yoga release for tight muscles. His own yoga practice makes him a wonderful resource for between massage exercises that enhance the experience and support the healing. He has both extensive knowledge and deep intuition into the body’s needs.

Suzanne Lemieux, Ottawa Ontario- Special Education Teacher while being a client of Guy

I’ve had the privilege of being a client of Guy’s for over a decade. At first I saw him to relieve tension from playing sports and to bring me to optimal health. One day, I showed up on his table with a neck injury and began to see him weekly, where he quite literally brought me back to life. I started to realize the depth of Guy’s knowledge, not only of the physical body, but of the energetic body and beyond. He is much more than an RMT, he is a true healer, working with each individual unique body and the breath. Go see Guy with an open mind and complete trust, to experience the full potential of his many gifts!

Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee, Engineer at the time, currently Yoga Studio Owner.