About Guy

Massage Bio

Guy’s journey to a career in body work began at Ottawa University where he studied theatre and movement. As an actor, Guy began using his body to convey emotional and mental states. He became fascinated with non-verbal communication leading him to an exploration of touch therapies.
Guy has been practicing full-time as a registered massage therapist since 1998. As a therapist, he approaches the body and mind as a whole, looking at ways to improve overall heath, for both short and long term well-being. Guy’s massage therapy practice is heavily influenced by the practices of yoga and meditation. Additionally, Guy uses a wide variety of traditional and alternative massage modalities, with a particular focus and incorporation of Thai Massage techniques. Each massage session can vary greatly depending on the needs of each individual.
Thai massage is practiced on a comfortable floor mat using a variety of postures to stretch and/or compress the body. Thai-style massage focuses on balancing all systems of the body and can leave one feeling clear and exhilarated. During a Thai Massage session, Guy focuses on re-posturing the body while integrating the breath.
have.Occasionally, Guy will include very specific strengthening exercises for specific muscles to facilitate a permanent change in alignment. It is Guy’s belief that lasting improvements in our health are achieved through increased body awareness and breath integration.
All massage modalities Guy uses are covered by extended health care programs under Registered Massage Therapy. Please review the specifics of your individual policy to see what massage therapy coverage you

Yoga bio

Guy has been a student of Yoga since 1999. His journey in yoga began in his apartment watching yoga videos (VHS) in an attempt to rehabilitate himself from a motor vehicle accident; fascinated by how breath and postures helped to heal his body he searched out how else Yoga could improve his life.
That curiosity has lead him to explore many styles of yoga, including Bikram, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Kundalini (including the study of Japji), Anusara, Restorative, mantra and sound, meditation (including two 10 day vippasana sits) and two trips to India.
In 2000, he began his Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Centre where he learned the inspiring words of Swami Kripalu, “self observation without criticism is the highest yogic (spiritual) practice”. A hermit by nature, Guy continues to explore Yoga off the mat by teaching classes and assisting in Teacher Trainings.
As a practicing Registered Massage Therapist for more than 18 years, (including the use of Thai Yoga Massage for 12 years), he attributes much of his ability to stay physically, mentally and emotionally balanced due to a strong practice of Yoga. A powerful physical practice with an even more powerful sense of humour and lightness give Guy’s classes a strong flavour of joy, peace and presence.
So far his journey has lead him to believe “as life presents me with challenging experiences, the practice of yoga has helped me see what actions are required to best deal with each situation as it arises.”